Rumeurs et nouveautés BloodBowl chez GW & FW

Un big guy chez les vampires + 2 star players

t’es sur que c’est un big guys ? c’est pas trois stars ?

The Vampires are also getting two Star Players

De ce que j’en comprends la team a 2 champions. Donc la brute vampire c’est effectivement un big guy.
De plus ça y ressemble beaucoup de part le negatrait soif de sang 3+

Quoi qu’il en soit, je note pour une fois un sculpt très bien contextualisé qui est celui de Luthor, j’aime beaucoup la fig.

J’aime bien la team aussi avec cet esprit « renaissance ».

BloodBowl 600Wide LOGO

After a long rest, the Vampires are returning to Blood Bowl (they said they’d be back…) with a selection of fang-tastic releases.

The Drakfang Thirsters

SundayPreview Sep17 BB 01 VampireTeam

The Vampires are back to suck the blood out of Blood Bowl, with a new plastic team. You get 14 players in total – two Vampire Blitzers, two Vampire Runners, two Vampire Throwers, and eight Thralls for a mid-match snack. You also get all the usual balls, coins, and tokens – and a transfer sheet.


SundayPreview Sep17 BB 02 Vargheist

The Vampire team gets a Brute, arguably one of the most bloodthirsty in the whole game. The Vargheist is a rampaging force to be reckoned with – strong, fast, frenzied, and desperate to drink blood. It’s arriving in Forge World resin.

Count Luthor von Drakenborg

SundayPreview Sep17 BB 03 CountLuthor

One of the greatest of all time, the Count is back on the astrogranite after a few years off, and he’s better than ever. Immune to the desperate need to drink blood, and with a special skill that grants you an extra reroll, Luthor is here to dazzle in Forge World resin and can play for all Sylvanian Spotlight teams.

Captain’ Karina von Riesz

SundayPreview Sep17 BB 04 CaptainKarina

A newer face on the pitch, the Captain has taken the Blood Bowl world by storm with her unearthly strength and dexterity – and she’s got a great hat. She’s available in Forge World resin, and will line up for any Sylvanian Spotlight team.

Ivan ‘the Animal’ Deathshroud

SundayPreview Sep17 BB 05 IvanTheAnimal

Another blast from the past, Ivan the Animal has been reanimated once more to play for Sylvanian Spotlight teams across the Old World. He’s hard as nails and ready to smash. Ivan is cast in Forge World resin.

Spike! Journal Issue 16

SundayPreview Sep17 BB 06 Spike16

You’ve got the team and you’ve assembled the star players, so you’re probably going to need rules for them. Spike! Journal 16 contains all that and more – it’s a one-stop shop for all things Vampire in Blood Bowl, including rules, tactics, lore, and more.

Vampire Team Pitch, Cards, and Dice

SundayPreview Sep17 BB 07 VampireAccessories

Complete the vampiric look with these accessories: a double-sided pitch and dugout set (in which you play in a Vampire’s castle with some very flammable carpet), some chic dice for the proper obeisances to Nuffle, and a card set which includes two types of Special Play, reference cards, Star Player cards, and blank positional cards to record your on team.

En tant que modéliste, je trouve l’équipe plutôt intéressante à peindre. Les champions par contre… Luthor ça va, mais les deux autres…

Maintenant faut voir les stats, j’espère que ça arrivera vite.

21 Sep 23

Blood Bowl – How the Vampire Team Rose Again

The spectacularly spooky Blood Bowl Vampire team will be stepping out of the shadows and onto the gridiron on Saturday. With that in mind, we caught up with Blood Bowl rules writer Jay to get the low-down on these fang-tastic football players and how they fare on the field of play.

BB Vampires Sept19 Terrain

Jay: Vampires are one of the most interesting teams in all of Blood Bowl, comprising a mixture of elite, highly skilled Vampires along with a number of dishevelled Thralls who are mainly used as mobile blood bags to keep their supernatural subjugators refreshed.

Vampires boast some of the best stats and skills of any player in Blood Bowl. In fact, they would undoubtedly be the greatest pros to play Nuffle’s great game, if it weren’t for one tiny, almost insignificant little issue – their constant and crippling need to feed!

In-game, this is represented by the Bloodlust (X+) trait, which obliges a Vampire to test at the start of their Activations to keep their cravings under control, or to need a nibble on a nearby Thrall

BB Vampires Sept19 Bloodlust

Though historically a Vampire team only had two types of player (Vampires and Thralls), we have taken the opportunity to develop and increase the number of positionals, to allow the various types of Vampires to specialise in a specific role.

Vampire Thrower

These are the lynchpin of any Vampire team with a reliable Bloodlust (2+) , and great Strength and Agility characteristics. They also excel at the passing game thanks to a Passing Ability of 2+ and the Pass skill making them central to the plans of any budding Vampire coach
BB Vampires Sept19 Thrower

Vampire Blitzer

Some Vampires have begun to let their cravings control them, succumbing to the need for blood and becoming all the more vicious as a result, making them ideal Blitzers. Though these Blitzers are slightly less reliable due to their Bloodlust (3+) , they come with the Juggernaut skill which makes them all the more impactful on the Blitz

BB Vampires Sept19 Blitzer

Vampire Runner

Vampire Runners are swift, lithe, and incredibly quick – so quick in fact that some believe they turn into mist as they run! With a Movement Allowance of 8 and their Agility of 2+, Runners are ideal ball carriers, or for zipping into opposition lines to make use of the Hypnotic Gaze trait

BB Vampires Sept19 Runner

Thrall Lineman

Thralls are the lifeblood of any Vampire team, providing a walking food source their undead masters may require at any moment. Their key feature is their cost – which at 40,000 gold pieces is cheap – allowing you to quickly replace any that end up killed, and ensuring your Vampires always have a fresh supply

BB Vampires Sept19 Lineman


The strongest player on a Vampire team, Vargheists have surrendered to their lust for blood. These murderous beasts come with the Claws and Frenzy skills, making them incredibly efficient at eviscerating any opposition players who find themselves in their path.

BB Vampires Sept19 Vargheist

Vampires require careful positioning to ensure that your Thralls are always in the right place for your Vampires to feed on. When you’re planning a Blitz, you will usually want to plot a path for a Thrall first, in case your Blitzer feels peckish, for instance.

Should they be able to keep their Bloodlust under control, Vampires are one of the best teams in the game. If their craving for claret rears its head, however they can do just as much damage to their own team as to the opposition! If you enjoy a team that is always unpredictable but has the potential to excel in every aspect of the game, then a Vampire team may just be the one for you.

Cheers Jay! Sounds like the Vampire teams really put the ‘blood’ in ‘Blood Bowl’! The Vampire team will be available to pre-order on Saturday. And if you’re a fan of virtual Blood Bowl, there’s more good news – Season 2 of Blood Bowl III is imminent, and will feature the Underworld Denizens as its new team. Keep an eye out for more news

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Le texte de bloodlust laisse à penser que le vampire se nourrit à la fin de son activation: « At the end of their activation they may bite […] ». De l’autre côté, plus bas dans le texte, quand ils parlent de Passe, Transmission ou Action de scoring: « If a player who failed this roll […] must bite a Thrall before they perform the action ».

Mon interprétation est que le Vampire peut doit se nourrir avant la fin de son activation. Mais encore une fois, GW réussit à écrire un pavé indigeste.

donc si tu déclares un blocage ou un blitz, t’as +1 au dé.
si tu veux te déplacer, faire un blocage ou un blitz, tu PEUX mordre un thrall DE TON EQUIPE à la fin de ton activation (au cas ou deux équipes vampires s’affrontent) ou provoquer un turn-over.
si tu déclares une passe, une transmission ou un mouvement / blitz qui amène le joueur à aller marquer un TD, il doit mordre AVANT de faire l’action ou d’aller sur la ligne de TD.

c’est assez mal écrit oui.

Je comprends ça aussi oui.

Vampire Lord c’est un coup de pouce ?

Non ça remplace la règle de coach standard. En vrai ça ajoute jsute la capacité de récupérer un Serviteur sur un mort chez l’adversaire, comme pour les « Masters of the Undead » chez les MV par exemple

J’aurais préféré une soif de sang pour saigner l’adversaire un peu comme le vomi du troll

Nope, je corrige, tu dois mordre à la fin de ton activation ou provoquer un turn-over et perdre ta zone de tacle.

Dans le cas d’une action de passe, transmission ou action menée à un TD tu dois mordre avant de passer, transmettre ou scorer, pas avant ton action, tu peux bouger, mordre puis passer.

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Et risquer de se nourrir sur des peaux vertes plutôt que des serviteurs triés sur le volet pour la qualité et l’abondance de leur sang? Un peu de sérieux…

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31 Oct 23

Blood Bowl Geheimnisnacht Special – The Showdown in Sylvania

Halloween is here – and over in the Old World, as Geheimnisnacht draws in, folks have shut their doors tight to avoid all the strange goings-on that occur at this time of year. In the fog-filled dark forests of Sylvania, however, this period of superstition and fear is alive with macabre mania, as the less-living populace shamble and shuffle their way to the nearest Blood Bowl stadium. The cause of this flurry of activity? Well, when the night is darkest, the dead play Blood Bowl!

Sylvania Showdown

This is a variation on a standard Blood Bowl game with a unique Weather table, a new Inducement and a special rule designed to feel like a gridiron clash at this most frightful time of year.

BB Halloween Nov31 Teams

Team Selection

Coaches will need to create a team of any budget that the players agree upon, using the following options:

BB Halloween Nov31 WeatherTable

Special Rules

Sometimes, the trap doors on a Blood Bowl field become home to creatures and monsters with nefarious intent – or just a desperate desire to be involved in some trick or treating!

BB Halloween Nov31 TrickorTreat

Trick or Treat: Whenever a player moves into, or is pushed into, a square containing a trap door, roll a D6.

  • On a roll of 1-3, the player has been tricked! The tricked player is immediately Knocked Down. When a player is Knocked Down by a trick, you may apply a +1 modifier to either the Armour roll or Injury roll. This modifier may be applied after the roll has been made.
  • On a roll of 4-6, the player has been treated! The treated player may improve their MA, ST or AG by 1 until the end of their next Activation.


BB Halloween Nov31 HalloweenCandy

Halloween Candy
50,000 gold pieces, Available to any team
A bag filled with Halloween candy brings a joy like no other, especially when you’ve stolen it from a group of frightened Halflings!

Whenever a player on your team uses a team re-roll, roll a D6. On a 5+, the team re-roll is free.

Well, if this isn’t enough to get your spine-chilling squads out on the astrogranite, we don’t know what is! Share pictures of your Halloween-inspired games with us on social media and let us know how you’re going to celebrate the spooky season!

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Pas trop tôt de penser aux ratons mignons !

11 Dec 23

Sneak, Stab, and Score with a Newly Returned Skaven Star Player

Jim: Do you have any idea what our latest Star Player has going for them, Bob?

Bob: The almanack is empty, Jim – all I can tell you is that they’re Skaven, they run really fast, and they stab people.

Jim: Unfortunately Bob, that doesn’t narrow it down in the slightest.

The Skaven Master Assassin known as Skitter Stab-Stab is a real enigma – outrageously popular among Blood Bowl fans for his bloody (and frequent) displays of knifemanship, but almost completely missing from all official league records. If it weren’t for his devoted following, officials would have a hard time proving he ever existed at all.

BB Skitter Dec11 Mini

Unfortunately for other players, Skitter Stab-Stab is very real. This assassin has executed his employer’s bidding for countless years despite no proven cases of his involvement, and whenever unfortunate accidents befall officials during a game with Skaven present, there’s always a chance that Skitter is lurking around.

This new miniature is an update on the classic Star Player from the early 2000s, depicted bounding off a discarded ogre gutplate brandishing his twin knives. His cloak is stitched with tons of little blades, billowing out into the wind as he launches himself at another poor victim.

BB Skitter Dec11 Details

Skitter’s skills as a master assassin make him ideally suited to the high speed, high violence game of Blood Bowl, blockers bamboozled by his lighting-fast MA9 and AG2+. Unsurprisingly, he can Stab his opponents mid-game, and when it comes to stabbing, nobody stabs like Stab-Stab.

The Master Assassin skill makes sure that a roughed-up player stays down with a useful re-roll for the Injury dice, and with his speed he’ll be shanking his way through the opposing team before they know what’s hit them.

BB Skitter Dec11 Rule

Skitter Stab-Stab can be hired by any Underworld Denizens or ‘Favoured Of…’ team for a reasonable sum of 150,000 GP, giving him plenty of room to flit between teams as the inscrutable free agent he is. Wherever his master commands he goes, it’s all-but guaranteed that players wind up with far less blood than they started with.

BB Skitter Dec11 Art

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GW s’affiche encore une fois :
Skitter Stab-Stab can be hired by any Underworld Denizens or ‘Favoured Of…’ team

Donc il peut pas être recruté par les skavs (Underworld Challenge=Défi des bas fonds)! :rofl:

nooooon sérieux???

Sans doute pour pas rajouter du « pété » à du « pété » :wink: