Rumeurs et nouveautés BloodBowl chez GW & FW

240K donc? Si on se fie à son ancienne datasheet, il devrait avoir quelque chose du style:

M6 F6 Ag4+ Pa5+ AR9+
Frénésie, Corne, Crâne Épais, Châtaigne, Solitaire

Il manque d’un juggernauth, mais je sais pas s’il ajoute réellement quelque chose dans un roster favoris du chaos: Nurgle, Chaos, Nains du Chaos…? Ce sont des rosters qui ont déjà beaucoup de force mine de rien. Mais d’un autre côté je le vois bien dans un roster chaos en remplacement du mino, pour avoir un big guy beaucoup plus fiable

Ah ouais avec Fureur Débridée c’est pas la même tisane…

est-ce que 90k de plus valent +1 Force et +1 Mouvement…
sachant qu’il évoluera pas

il vient pas de sortir hein, juste la fig

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Il n’empêche, acheter une figurine c’est pour la jouer :smiley:

En ce qui me concerne, je trouve la figurine sympa à l’exception notable de la tâte. La forme des cornes ne me plaît pas, et je trouve sa tête bizarre avec un museau beaucoup trop court

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15 May 23

The Smartest Troll Ever Makes a Dazzling Return to Blood Bowl

Bob: “No, Jim, I refuse. There’s no way I’m calling a Troll ‘intelligent’ or ‘cultured’.”

Jim: “Come on Bob, this is Ripper Bolgrot we’re talking about. Think of the sponsors.

Bob: “Fine, but I draw the line at ‘refined’, Jim.”

Blood Bowl players are many things – daring, agile, excessively violent – but few would claim they’re the smartest people around. That’s until they meet Ripper Bolgrot, a star player with a one-in-a-million fusion of brains and brawn – and that’s before you find out he’s a Troll.

BB RipperBolgrot May15 Image1

Ripper wasn’t always the stunningly brilliant specimen he is today – once upon a time, he was regarded as particularly dense even for a Troll, before a secret regimen of ‘sports therapy’ turned his brain inside out.* Soon after, the sight of a Troll hollering orders, executing complex strategies, and counting higher than three got the attention of the Blood Bowl league

Known as much for his startling attention to the fine print on contracts as he is his tremendous right hook, Ripper Bolgrot’s meteoric rise has gone down in Blood Bowl history. He’s still 100% Troll, and can crack skulls with the best of them, but any Badlands Brawl or Underworld Challenge team lucky enough to hire him (for an eye-watering 250,000 GP) will get more than just brute force.

BB RipperBolgrot May15 Image2

On the pitch, Bolgrot performs much like you’d expect from a Troll – powerful blocks, regeneration, hurling goblins about like paper planes – but with the keen eye of a master tactician. Unlike many Star Players, who can only use their Special Rules once per game, Ripper can use his once per half, getting double the value out of his ever-useful re-rolls.

BB RipperBolgrot May15 Boxout1

This new resin miniature is coming to the Forge World webstore soon – spectacles and all – so stay tuned for more information on when you can pick up this singularly brilliant Star Player.

** Some say literally.*

Je crois qu’à part Bilerot, tous les champions de cette édition ont une figurine, non?

Ce nouveau Bolgrot semble parfait pour une équipe de Gobs. J’ai bien envie de tester un roster fun avec lui. J’suis sûr qu’il y a moyen de rentrer 2 trolls, Bolgrot, un Looney, Hooligan et Bomma dans une liste avec 2 bribes.

Le dernier champion non sculpté.

05 Jun 23

Meet the Star Player Who Clears the Pitch With Fouls and Foulness Alike

Bob: They really should clean the stadium bins out more often, it absolutely stinks here.

Jim: That’s not the bins, Bob. That eye-watering stench is wafting in from that star player on the pitch!

Bob: Huh! The smell isn’t the only thing that stings either, check out his hiring fee…

The world of Blood Bowl is one where skilled players get to live in the lap of luxury. Some of these players take this invitation to party and rub shoulders with the rich and famous, letting their insatiable appetite ruin them entirely. Thankfully, certain dark deities have delicious gifts to offer those who fall from grace…

BB Bilerot Jun05 Mini

Before attracting the attention of Nurgle, Bilerot Vomitflesh was a young player named Wilhelm von Mitfleisch, on track to a sizzling career in Blood Bowl. As he gorged himself at parties and feasts, Wilhelm’s skill and athleticism waned, and he traded textbook plays for wretched fouls.

Eventually, his flagrant disregard for his health led to him contracting all sorts of parasites and diseases, which he passed on to his unwitting team mates. Predictably, they kicked him out, and the noisome funk that followed him around made him an impossible hire. Thankfully the Diseased Destroyers, a team favoured by Nurgle, took a punt on this bilious brute.

BB Bilerot Jun05 Art

After a run of glorious victories, many of which involved Bilerot vomiting corrosive bile over a key opponent, the squalid star decided to make a go of it as a fouler for hire. Costing 190,000 GP for any Favoured of Nurgle team, Bilerot Vomitflesh is a Dirty Player (+1) and thanks to his smell, a bit of a Loner (4+) .

Once per game, his Putrid Regurgitation lets him use the Projectile Vomit special action and shower an opposing player with a salvo of searing spew, even if he’s already performed a Block action that turn.

BB Bilerot Jun05 Boxout

This new resin miniature is coming to the Forge World webstore soon, with his shoulder-stradling Nurgling companion in tow. Stay tuned for more information on when you can pick up this corpulent and contagious Star Player.

J’aime bien la figurine, elle fait vraiment champion à 180k : juste un peu plus qu’un guerrier de nurgle classique, sans trop de détails. Le petit nurgling sur l’épaule aide bien à l’identifier en un coup d’oeil.

Par contre c’est pas lui qui va me faire jouer Nurgle… Dommage, car les figurines cirque nurgle de je sais plus quel sculpteur sont vraiment sympa.

Une autre fournée de remplissage.
Le dernier Spike a bientôt 1 an.

19 Jun 23

The Gutter Bowl Expansion Takes Blood Bowl to the Mean Streets of the Old World

Blood Bowl is the indisputable number one fantasy sport, but getting into a league is a real headache. All those forms to fill out, sponsorships to find, and rules to follow. It may be ‘the beautiful game’, but the bureaucracy is a real barrier.*

That’s why sports fans with a love of the true essence of the game are flocking to Gutter Bowl: The Game of Street-Level Fantasy Football Mayhem. This is a no-holds-barred version of Blood Bowl played in the streets (and sewers) of cities all over the land without referees to cry foul. It’s a riot! Literally!

SundayPreview Jun18 GutterBowl

The sport of Gutter Bowl has its murky origins in downtown Altdorf in 2475. Fans kicked out of opposing taverns after a fraught finale began a melee that raged for five hours until the battered ball in play was torn in two. Each ale house claimed one half as a trophy of their victory, even though to this day no-one really knows the final score.

Exceptionally violent and even more shambolic than the most Nuffle-blasted game of Blood Bowl, this urban variant is now outlawed in most cities and settlements. Avid fans keep it alive by attempting to codify its peculiarities, and fairly well-established guidelines now make it a genuinely enjoyable spectacle, rather than an endless, formless brawl.**

Gutterbowl Jun20 Art

The box packs in two game boards with matching dugouts, with a 32-page Gutter Bowl rule book which explains how to tweak the rules for amateur players to beat the snot out of each other in the streets and sewers of the Old World – and argue with the City Watch that actually, it was just a zesty tackle.***

A change of terrain comes with a change of rules too, the facades of market stalls and the dank walls of sewers can be used to ricochet the ball, while the heinous drains also provide effluent-filled hazards unique to Gutter Bowl. New Kick-Off Events inspired by the surroundings also ensure that no two games are ever the same and with far looser security, unruly fans and secret weapons can run amok.

Gutterbowl Jun20 Kickoff1

Gutterbowl Jun20 Kickoff2

Gutter Bowl is coming soon, so keep an eye on Warhammer Community for more information!

** Doubly so if you’re Bone Headed, or Really Stupid.*

*** Some have noted an alarming correlation between Jim Johnson hosting solo shows on Cabalvision and an Ogre wearing shoddy prosthetics turning up in Gutter Bowl matches.*

**** you’ll still need* The Official Rules.

Ca donne l’impression qu’avec le marché de la fig qui doit s’écrouler à cause des imprimantes 3D GW multiplie la vente de papier qui permet de marger pas mal.

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Les sorties BB2020…
Un vrai WTF. Des suppléments au jeu et des compils. Que du papier inutile :roll_eyes:

  1. Blood Bowl 2020 - la boite. VF.
    Fuite globale du livre le 02/08/20.20. Preco le 14/11/2020 et sortie le 28/11/2020.

  2. L’Epique Numéro 11 : Les Horreurs Nécromantiques. BB20. VO
    Annoncé le 17/10/2020. Sortie le 21/11/2020.

  3. L’Epique Numéro 12 : Noblesse Humaine et Orques Noirs. BB20. VO.
    Annoncé le 09/02/2021. Sortie le 17/04/2021.

  4. Zone Mortelle 2020. VF.
    Annoncé le 05/03/2021 et sortie le 17/04/2021.

  5. L’Epique Numéro 13 : Khorne. BB20. VO
    Annoncé le 19/09/2021. Article le 21/08/2021. Précommande le 31/10/2021. Sortie le 06/11/2021

  6. Dungeon Bowl 2021. VO.
    Précommandes le 21/11/2021 et sortie le 28/11/2021.

  7. Almanach 2021. VO.
    Précommandes le 29/01/2022 et sortie le 05/02/2022.

  8. L’Epique Numéro 14 : Les Nordiques. BB20. VO.
    Annoncé le 24/03/2022. Précommande le 16/04/2022 et Sortie le 23/04/2022.

  9. L’Epique Numéro 15 : Les Amazones. BB20. VO.
    Annoncé le 10/07/2022. Précommande le 01/10/22 et Sortie le 08/10/22.

  10. Dungeon Bowl « Death Match » 2022. VO.
    Annoncée le 20/11/22, Précommandes le 26/11/2022 et sortie le 03/12/2022.

  11. Almanach 2022. VO.
    Annoncée le 20/11/22, Précommandes le 26/11/2022 et sortie le 03/12/2022.

  12. Matched Play Guide 2022. VO.
    Annoncée le 25/12/22. Précommande le 31/12/2022 et sortie le 07/01/2023.

  13. Gutter BloodBowl Expension. Sûrement VO.
    Annoncé le 19/06/2023.

03 Jul 23

Dwarf Problems? Enlist the Undead Blood Bowl Superstar With a 1,400-Year Old Grudge

Jim: 1,400 years as a skeleton has done nothing to atrophy this ancient warlord’s skills, Bob.

Bob: Do we think Ivan’s even realised that he’s playing Blood Bowl, and not fighting a war, Jim?

Jim: Is there really much of a difference, Bob?

Imagine waking up after centuries of deathly slumber to discover your favourite pastime – war – has been eliminated. What’s an enterprising conqueror (with a particular distaste for Dwarfs) to do when his skull-cracking talents are going to waste?

If you’re anything like Ivan ‘the Animal’ Deathshroud, the answer is simple – sign up with your local Blood Bowl team.

BB IvanTheAnimal Jul03 Mini

Raised from his most recent death by a necromantic coach looking for more offensive punch in his lineup, Ivan Deathshroud felt nothing but furious contempt for the war-less world he found himself in. It wasn’t until he watched his first Blood Bowl game that the undead warrior found a new calling, taking to the gridiron with the murderous glee of a born Blitzer.

Back in his days as a flesh-and-blood warlord, Ivan launched many a campaign against the Dwarf holds of the Worlds Edge Mountains, and his vendetta hasn’t been dimmed by his time away from the world. A chance encounter with the Grudge Bearers revealed his past identity to the world and – much to Ivan’s delight – a throng of fight-ready fans now follows him around to try and settle their ancestors’ grudges.*

BB IvanTheAnimal Jul03 Art

After a successful stint with the Hel Fenn Hellions, ‘The Animal’ struck out on a quest to reclaim lost treasure from his glory days, and returned with enough gold to buy out his contract. Now free to hop between whichever undead teams have the highest chance of playing against Dwarf kind, Ivan cements his moniker with a brutally straightforward style that’s especially dangerous whenever his preferred targets find themselves within reach.

The Block , Juggernaut , and Regeneration skills make him a tough nut to crack on offence or defence, and his special Dwarfen Scourge ability helps him bash right through an opponent’s armour once per game. As the name suggests, it gets even better against Dwarfs – handy for buckling their particularly thick protectives.

BB IvanTheAnimal Jul03 Boxout

At a reasonable 190,000 GP, Ivan has a place in Sylvanian Spotlight teams, especially those going up against opponents of a shorter persuasion. Just don’t get him talking about the old days – he’ll go on so long you’ll want to become a skeleton yourself.

This resin miniature will be coming to the Forge World webstore soon – keep your eyes on Warhammer Community for more information.

** Ivan’s reign of terror was so prolific that he’s racked up a near-record 1,524 grudges to his name.*

Avis perso: la figurine est super décevante. La pose est vraiment peu inspirée…

Par contre Ivan a l’air fun à jouer! Parfait pour une équipe de Nécros/MV!

Si le regretté @Heinrich était encore là il nous dirait que le mec a un lumbago

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21 Aug 23

Tackle the Terrors of the Deep with Blood Bowl Star Player Kiroth Krakeneye

Bob: Hey Jim, Jim! Why are Corsairs such good Blood Bowl players?

Jim: … I swear, every single game…

Bob: Nobody knows, Jim, they just arrrr*.*

Sailors love their tall tales, and none more so than the swashbuckling commodore of the Elven circuit known as Kiroth Krakeneye. As commander of the Black Ark Fateful Voyage , Kiroth has taken his Blood Bowl talents to the four corners of the world, where the stories of his supposed exploits have made him a household name among fans.

BB Kiroth Aug22 Mini

In one particularly outlandish tale – that he himself insists is true – the crew of the Fateful Voyage wrapped their vessel in enchantments and dove below the waves to play a friendly game against the mythical Southstorm Squids. Though the game ended in tragedy when the enchantments wore off and the entire team was crushed beneath the waves, Krakeneye alleges the Squids saved him personally and gave him his eye-catching headwear as a consolation prize.

BB Kiroth Aug22 Art

It’s this tentacular helmet that gives Kiroth his name, for the seemingly inert face comes alive during matches to writhe and lash out in a disturbing manner. So downright weird is the display that few players want to spend more than a moment around him, and if any are brave enough to look right at the man, they’re wont to get an eyeful of Black Ink for their trouble.

BB Kiroth Aug22 Rule

This special rule makes him an excellent technical player who can set up game-winning plays by knocking out a crucial Tackle Zone. With the natural agility of his preferred teams lending themselves to bursts of speed and skill, the 160,000 GP required to enlist Kiroth Krakeneye is a small price to pay for victory.

You’ll be able to hire this excellent resin miniature for your own Elven Kingdoms League teams soon

Ouf on échappe à une saison 3…pour l’instant :

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et des positionnels :

" The full-blooded Vampire players are a force to be reckoned with, able to sprint like an Elf, blitz like an Orc, and throw like another, different Elf. The Hypnotic Gaze skill is perfect for setting up explosive plays, and is shared by all of their Blitzers, Runners, and Throwers."