Concours Greebo

Message à tous nos auteurs en herbe qui me font bien marrer sur le naoned mag!

Greebo propose un concours d’écriture:


Have you seen the girl of the new team? You can find it here on Facebook!

Want to win the miniature in preview?
Our character needs a story: who was in a moment of her past?

Here are the Rules:

  • Character name: Zayra
  • We provide the guidelines for the character to be observed: in this case she is a hunter, mercenary, Japanese style.
  • Take a cue from the image of the character
  • The text must be written in correct English, simple and international, to reach all the people in the world
  • Minimum length: 3,000 characters - maximum length: 4,000 characters (including spaces)
  • The story does not have to directly explain who the character is, but show a scene of her past, a small slice of her life. (example: hunting scene in which something happens to the protagonist)
  • The content should not be too violent or too explicit, not to offend common sense
  • Deadline: April 1 (one week)
  • The stories must be sent to with the topic: « Character’s lore »
  • We will not accept the stories that do not meet the previous points
  • All the stories will be posted on the facebook page gradually, when they’ll arrive
  • There will be only one winner: among all the stories we will choose the most beautiful idea and the Greebo’s decision will be final.
  • The winning story will become the sole property of Greebo Games which may use it to his liking, change and adapt it without any previous communication or notice.
    NOTE: We reserve the right to delete from the facebook page and disqualify from the contest stories that contain inappropriate and offensive content to the public and the page.

The winner will receive:

  • The Zayra’s miniature for free (including shipping)
  • The publication as a winner on our facebook page
  • The official publication on our website.
    Note: We reserve the right to cancel the contest and not choose any winner at any time. In the case of a winner, the changes to the text that we will require for the publication on the official website will be final. There will not be any money for stories.

Who participates in the contest automatically accept all the conditions above.

Have fun!"

A vos claviers

Personnellement, je n’aime pas qu’on modifie mes textes sans que je n’ai rien à dire.