Lettre type demande de dotation

Pour avis :


Dragon Bowl is coming and, as past years, we are after dotations for our tournament prices.

What is Dragon Bowl ?
The Dragon Bowl is a French Blood Bowl tournament located in Nantes and organized each first week-end of december, and this year it will be 3 and 4th of dec.

It is cheap !
The Dragon Bowl team wanted to make a cheap tournament, open to everyone.
It is open to teams of 3 coaches with a ticket at 10€/coach.

It is fun (or not) !
The Dragon Bowl has this particularity that during 2 of 5 rounds, coaches of a same team will play the roster of one of his friend for the round.
In this case, you could play goblins when, at base, you play elves :slight_smile:

What we search ?
We are after each kind of dotations in theme of Fantasy Bowl, like teams, side lines & starplayers.
If you can do something for us, let me know, it will be a pleasure for us to count you as a partner.

Best regards,
Benjamin A.k.a. Kumulo